WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: 3 Potential Contenders to Alexa Bliss

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2. Mickie James

The last time we saw Mickie James on RAW was May 22nd.

Who did she face in that match?

Alexa Bliss.

This is rivalry that has been going on since Bliss “brought James back” to Smackdown! after all that time away from the WWE.

Since she’s been back in the WWE, James has served in a mentor-like to Bliss and also attacked Bliss, while moving from Smackdown! to Raw.

At Great Balls of Fire, seeing these two go at it would be a battle of the different era’s colliding once again, but from a women’s division perspective.

Also, if anyone on RAW was to be Women’s Champion besides Bliss, I’d prefer James.

Bringing James back in the Women’s title picture with Bliss would be the two best workers on the show competing against one another, which should lead to some fire for Great Balls of Fire.

See what I did there?

I prefer this match-up, but the next one is the most likely given what we saw on the Extreme Rules Kickoff Show commentary.