4 Predictions for WWE Raw: June 5, 2017

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Will The Hardy Boyz Bounce Back?

In a rather surprising twist, Matt and Jeff Hardy lost their Raw Tag Team Championships to Cesaro and Sheamus. This marks their first loss since returning at WrestleMania 33, which makes fans wonder if this is going to mark their downward spiral. As talented as the brothers are, other popular teams such as the Dudley Boyz lost popularity when they returned to WWE as well. Is this simply a roadblock for the Hardy Boyz, or are they going to achieve greater heights?

In order to answer this question, it’s important to take a look at the current tag division on Raw. Right now, the only other face team on the show is Enzo Amore and Big Cass. They would be credible contenders to face Cesaro and Sheamus, but another storyline may have their attention. Amore has been assaulted backstage on two separate occasions in recent memory, and no party has been held responsible. Most think the Revival are to blame, making a match between the two teams a priority.

With these two teams out of the picture, there isn’t any other duo in a prime position to face the champions. So, the Hardy Boyz could very well find themselves remaining in the title hunt. A tiebreaker would be a great way to end this feud, and Great Balls of Fire might be the site for that contest. Whether or not the Hardy Boyz regain the gold isn’t a huge dilemma, as they could succeed just as singles competitors if the opportunity arises.

Before that happens though, I think it’d be really cool to see the Hardy Boyz versus the Revival. The two teams could produce a highly entertaining contest, if of course they’re given the chance to do so.