4 Predictions for WWE Raw: June 5, 2017

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The Miz Comeback Tour Begins

Last night, The Miz was able to secure his place in the WWE history books. By defeating Dean Ambrose to win a seventh Intercontinental Championship, he now sits only behind Chris Jericho for the man with the most Intercontinental title reigns. Y2J may have had nine reigns as champion, but Miz could beat that record by the end of his career.

Until that day, the Awesome One is no doubt content to continue taking the midcard scene by storm. Over the past year, Miz has truly restored prestige to the Intercontinental Championship through is sheer effort and determination. A main rival for Miz during this time has been Dean Ambrose, but he made a huge statement at Extreme Rules. No matter how annoying he may be to fans and superstars alike, Miz can get the job done. At some point during tonight’s Raw, he’s going to make sure that the rest of us know that.

Similar to his previous promos over the past few months, Miz is going to arrive with Maryse. After talking about his Hollywood accolades, the Awesome One will divert his attention to Ambrose. Here he’ll probably say something along the lines of “I’m better than him, and he’s no longer a concern”. Little does he know though, that Ambrose probably intends to gain revenge. Starting tonight, the Lunatic Fringe is going to start a “comeback tour” of his own.

Most likely, the final chapter in this feud will occur at Great Balls of Fire. Similar to the Tag Title scene, these two opponents may part ways after the event. When that happens, Miz (should he retain) can combat popular stars such as Finn Balor or Seth Rollins.