4 Predictions for WWE Raw: June 5, 2017

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Prepare for the Storm

Before Extreme Rules began, Nia Jax conducted an interview on the pre-show. There, she made it perfectly clear she was looking to compete for the Raw Women’s Championship. Whoever won that match was going to have to deal with her, and Alexa Bliss ended up retaining the gold. At one point in time, Bliss had promised Jax a future title shot. The time for the two to meet inside the ring is probably fast-approaching, something the champion can’t be happy about.

Since a battle between these two women would involve a heel versus heel feud, another superstar might get added into the mix. Normally I’d say Bayley fits the bill, but she was emphatically beaten by Bliss at Extreme Rules. Along with the losses at Payback and the eight women tag match a few weeks back, the former champion has seen her stock fall considerably. Because of this, she needs to stay away from the title for the moment.

The only problem with this train of thought is that the Women’s Division doesn’t have that many members. Besides the three women mentioned already, the only other suitable contenders are Sasha Banks and….Sasha Banks honestly. Mickie James has been buried since switching brands, and Emma is still being built as a quality talent. Alicia Fox was gaining some momentum, yet it appears she may have injured herself last night. If so, this would free the Boss for another feud as she waits for Fox to heal.

Whatever fate awaits Alexa Bliss, you can bet that this will be the most difficult time for her as champion. The upcoming set of challenges could be too much for her to handle, making the top female spot on Raw an attainable prize for those interested.