Lana ‘Debuts’ on WWE SmackDown Live (Video)


Lana made her first appearance on WWE SmackDown Live since the Superstar Shakeup and didn’t exactly get welcomed with open arms.

During the WWE Superstar Shakeup, Lana made the move from Raw to SmackDown Live. However, only vignettes were played for her for two months, but that changed on Tuesday night.

This episode of SmackDown saw the five women who are part of the upcoming Money in the Bank Ladder match, open the show. They all cut promos, along with SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon speaking.

However, someone’s else’s entrance music hit; this would be Lana’s, as she came to the ring and looked for her opportunity in in the Ladder match. McMahon declined her, and the rest of the SmackDown Women’s Division laughed at her.

The Ravishing Russian returned, though, during the six-woman tag team match that followed this segment. She yanked Naomi’s legs, causing her to fall on the ring apron. This allowed Tamina to hit a superkick and get the win for her side.

Instead of being a lone wolf, Lana stood with the Welcoming Committee, after the match. Does that mean she’s aligning with them? Or is it just a heel standing with other heels?

This is Lana’s first test as a non-managerial WWE Superstar. She’s competed in matches at NXT live events, but never on TV, with the exception of a cameo in a multi-woman tag match at WrestleMania 32. So this is unchartered territory for the actress-turned-wrestler.

It seems like Lana will be doing something at Money in the Bank. With Naomi having nothing to do, their run-in may have been a way of setting up a match, whether it’s for the SmackDown Women’s Championship or not. Lana still needs to get in the ring, however, before a potential title bout can happen.

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The SmackDown Women’s Division has gained a new Superstar. What will be next?