WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Who Needs Men’s Briefcase Win the Most?

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6. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is Dolph Ziggler. At this point, expecting him to return to the top is foolish. He’s a midcard guy. He’s a gatekeeper. His role is important, but it’s not going to put the WWE Championship around his waist anytime soon.

Ziggler would be a solid choice to hold the briefcase and hold down a major spot on SmackDown Live for the next few months, because he’s been there before and he’s over with the crowd. However, he would likely come up short in his cash-in attempt, making it a waste of everybody’s time.

Meanwhile, the other five guys on this list would be much more likely to find themselves in position for a successful cash-in and that makes them better fits.

I’m sure that if they went back in time and truly got behind Ziggler, he could’ve been a huge success as a main attraction. They just never fully got behind him.

His supporters will just have to watch this match and wonder what might have been if he would’ve been pushed to the level of a guy like AJ Styles.