WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Who Needs Men’s Briefcase Win the Most?

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4. AJ Styles

The top four guys on this list are not that far apart. AJ Styles would look great carrying the briefcase around and he would do it with pride and just enough cocky swagger to really elevate it.

Styles could have a fun run with the briefcase, toying with the heel/babyface line and keeping the champion on his toes at all times.

What sets Styles apart from a guy like Nakamura, is that he has already had a run at the top with the main title on SmackDown Live. Giving him the briefcase doesn’t require taking the same risk as it would with Nakamura.

WWE knows Styles can carry the brand and giving him the briefcase gives him a pseudo-top spot that he can be the face of the show with. That goes down as another positive for Styles, especially if Jinder Mahal continues his reign as champion.

However, it probably won’t be Styles. Styles can be sent to the top of the card without the briefcase and he might already be next in line. Styles matches up well with Mahal or Orton and he probably will slot right in to take on the winner of that feud.