WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Who Needs Men’s Briefcase Win the Most?

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2. Sami Zayn

Speaking of true babyface champions…

Sami Zayn is the babiest of babyfaces. He has earned the right to be at the top of either brand, but it’s only fitting that his opportunity comes on SmackDown Live.

Zayn’s a bonafide superstar, but he’s struggled to reach that level for some reason. Now that this opportunity is in front of him, he’s the perfect babyface to carry the briefcase.

As a general rule, babyfaces don’t mix with the briefcase, but Sami’s an exception because of how well the storyline would work. The crowd would get behind him no problem, but a heel could point to the fact that it’s kind of a cheap way to win.

It’s a nice heel line, because it’s true, but the crowd could support him and act on the premise that they know he could win it straight up.

He probably won’t win though. His role is still to be the bridesmaid, but not the bride.

Zayn will get a taste of the top one day, but not now. He’s going to come close, but not get that big victory.