WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Who Needs Men’s Briefcase Win the Most?

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1. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is the man to hold the briefcase.

Who could do a better job of holding the briefcase than Owens? Nobody. It honestly feels like it was made for him.

Imagine the fake cash-ins he could pull off. Imagine how he could antagonize a babyface champion from week to week and get under their skin. Imagine how he could cash in the briefcase, win the world title and act like he went through a 60-minute match to do it, like it was the greatest triumph of his life.

That’s what WWE could get from Owens holding the briefcase.

Not only does it fit with his character, but he’s a nice guy to have holding the briefcase. If anybody gets hurt or if anything goes unaccording to plan, Owens can plug right in and take the title. WWE will know he can handle himself in that role and he can do the things necessary to be a good champion.

If they don’t find a spot to use him by WrestleMania, the briefcase could be an interesting ploy in the draft, with Owens making sure that everybody’s aware of that fact.

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If WWE does the right thing at WWE Money in the Bank, then SmackDown Live will truly become The Kevin Owens Show.