WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 5

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Goldust, Part III

Trilogies are a strange breed. The third installment is never as good as what came prior, and with Goldust here, it’s getting to be too repetitive. Goldust Classic is great, we all know this – let’s get him in the ring now to really prove it.

Alexa Bliss Tries To Make Friends (Aww)

Sasha Banks hair flip? Weird. Also, Sasha slumming it with Dana Brooke and Mickie James? I guess the cruiserweight thing is over.

Anyway, Alexa Bliss says the division has a Nia Jax problem. She tries to convince Dana and Mickie to back her up. Dana and her middle school acting skills says nope, and Mickie says they’ll be at ringside to watch the title match. Womp womp, Alexa.

Angle Needs Graves

In a “first” (according to Michael Cole, and I’m not going to look up 1500 episodes of Raw to question it), the general manager pulls one of the broadcasters away from the commentary table. Apparently, Kurt Angle is getting the text messages Graves shared with him.

After leaving the stage, Kurt is approached by MikeTom, who asks what’s up. All Kurt can say is, “It’s a private matter,” and he leaves the arena.

But wait, an arm holding the door open! Of course, Dean Ambrose sneaks back in now that the dude who told him to take the night off is gone. I wonder what this means for The Miz’s celebration later???