4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: June 6, 2017

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An Eager Champion

With the announcement of the Women’s MiTB ladder match, one would think that Naomi would be rather upset. Not only does she have to compete against an entire division of hungry challengers on a weekly basis, but now another challenge has been thrown at her. Once a superstar is in possession of that briefcase, they can cash-in their title match whenever the opportunity presents itself. The shot lasts for a whole calendar year too, so Naomi can’t afford to let her guard down for a second.

Knowing all of this, it’s going to sound surprising that I expect Naomi to fully support such a decision. She’s been wanting the females on SmackDown Live to gain more respect and opportunities, and this is certainly a step in that direction. Having to worry about the briefcase may be an additional source of stress, but this is a champion who thrives on competition. Naomi wants to defend her title against all challengers, even when they may have the advantage.

As of this writing, there have only been five announced entrants for the MiTB ladder match. Those women are Becky Lynch, Carmella, Charlotte Flair, Natalya, and Tamina Snuka. If Lana’s attempts at joining the match prove successful, that number will increase to six. A match of this size and importance warrants a response, and this is exactly what Naomi is going to provide. T

he Women’s Champion is entering tonight’s show with one goal in mind, and that’s to reaffirm why she’s one of the best female athletes in the company. Whether it be through a promo or in-ring action, Naomi will be a talking point at the conclusion of the show.