WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 6

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The New Day vs The Colons

Result: The New Day win via pinfall

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

In response to the promo Jinder Mahal conducted on the last slide, Randy Orton was interviewed by Renee Young. Rather than offer a retort, he simply stated that Mahal will hear his side clearly at Money in the Bank. The only thing is, he won’t have to utter a single word to get his point across.

Back to the match at hand, the New Day finally made their in-ring debut on SmackDown Live against the Colons. In their usual comedic ways, the trio came down to the squared circle handing out boxes of Booty-O’s cereal. However, they were all business once the bell rang. Making short work of the Colons, Big E Langston and Xavier Woods showed off their athletic prowess. Meanwhile, at ringside, Kofi Kingston displayed his charisma as he kept the crowd engaged in the action. Following the Midnight Hour, the trio celebrated in the ring until the Usos arrived.

Claiming that they have the division “on lock”, the Usos go on to say that they are the ones everyone is talking about. As for the New Day, they’re nothing but old news to them. The Usos welcome the trio to the Uso Penitentiary, and make it clear that they intend to remain SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions. Come Money in the Bank, the time for jokes will end, and the time for action will resume.

After the segment ends, the camera shift to Sami Zayn being interviewed backstage. He planned on being on commentary for tonight’s main event, but Baron Corbin put an end to that. Attacking the Underdog from the Underground, the Lone Wolf left his recent rival down and out.