WWE: 20 Worst Superstar Names Ever Given

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12. The Goon

This name and gimmick were perfect examples of the true Dark Age of WWE’s creativity. The early 1990s ‘careers-as-wrestlers’ era was marked by cartoonish gimmick that no person could take seriously.

The Goon was, simply put, a hockey player that wanted to be a wrestler. Whether this was always intended to be a mockery of Canadians’ and Americans’ love of the beloved ice sport, no one knows.

The ironic thing was, WWE could’ve had something with the Goon. He was billed as a hockey player that ‘had been kicked out of every league he ever participated in’. It was assumed he was kicked out for fighting.

For those who have never seen a hockey fight, they can be downright vicious and brutal. Maybe if WWE played that up more and tried to sell the Goon as a dangerous fighter, he might’ve had more success.

The Goon didn’t last long, and has only been seen on a handful of occasions since it first came out. His most recent appearance was on the 15th anniversary of RAW, and only made a handful of appearances before that.

As an aside, Chris Jericho was originally supposed to play the gimmick, but thankfully he was smart enough to decline and go on to become a true WWE legend.