WWE: 20 Worst Superstar Names Ever Given

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8. King Barrett

Once upon a time, there was a prestigious tournament called ‘King of the Ring’. Whoever won this tournament would be bestowed with a crown, scepter, cape, and a royal title. They’d then get a major push and be propelled to the main event in WWE.

If this sounds like a fairy tale, it is one. Just ask King Barrett.

WWE kept changing Barrett’s first name and adding titles over and over. He couldn’t simply be ‘bare knuckle fighter’ Wade Barrett; he had to have some strange nickname. Bad News Barrett came first, and though that got over a bit, his push ended when he got injured.

Then it was King Barrett, and his treatment only got worse from there. Barrett’s abysmal booking after winning the tournament tarnished it forever, and acted as the impetus for his departure from WWE.

It didn’t help that his first opponent was R-Truth, a jobber who countered Barrett’s coronation with a fake crown of his own and carried a plunger around to mock the new King of the Ring. The fact that Truth actually won some of their matches only amplified how abysmal Barrett’s treatment was. Yet it didn’t make any sense, as Barrett literally fit every metric and criterion WWE looked for in a top star.

Wade Barrett could’ve been a big star, if only WWE left his gimmick and name alone.