WWE: 20 Worst Superstar Names Ever Given

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7. Puke

Vince McMahon has a bizarre obsession with bodily functions. He loves farts and feces, despises sneezing (because one cannot control oneself when sneezing, thus irritating the unrestrained control freak), and also likes vomit. Because of this, he took a wrestler that could vomit on command, and named him ‘Puke’.

Wrestling’s supposed to be about athleticism and people doing crazy things they’re not meant to be capable of doing. Gross humor doesn’t usually go well with wrestling, unless it’s done in small doses and as a small joke. Making it into someone’s core gimmick is a one-way ticket to irrelevance and jobbing, as seen by the ultimate end to the Puke character.

Unfortunately for the man behind the character, being sentenced to such a horrible gimmick would’ve been paradise when compared to what really happened to him. Puke, who was later renamed Droz, suffered one of the most infamous injuries in wrestling history.

He and opponent D’Lo Brown botched a Powerbomb which rendered him quadriplegic afterward. He has since insisted it was an accident and doesn’t hold any hard feelings towards his opponent or WWE. It takes a truly kind and genuinely forgiving person to pardon someone for causing such life-changing injuries.