WWE: 20 Worst Superstar Names Ever Given

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6. Kerwin White

WWE hasn’t always had the best approach when it came to issues of race. There have long been accusations of racism, or at the least, some kinds of prejudice, in WWE. These were proven true with the Kerwin White character.

Kerwin White was basically Chavo Guerrero abandoning his Latino heritage and turning himself into one of the most boring personalities imaginable: a suburban rich white guy. His name change was accompanied by a change in music, new attire, and the catchphrase, ‘if it’s not white, it’s not right.’ That wasn’t a joke, by the way.

This new name and gimmicked seemed contradictory. WWE has always been about larger-than-life superstars and over-the-top cartoon characters. How is a suburban middle-class white guy driving a gold cart supposed to fit into either of those descriptions?

It’s almost as if WWE were intentionally trying to sabotage Chavo Guerrero’s career by any means necessary. But more importantly, how could Vince McMahon or anyone in WWE’s public relations department be ok with such a catchphrase being said weekly on television?

In a cruel twist of fate, it took Eddie Guerrero passing away for the Kerwin White character to get axed. Who knows how far this awfully-named character could’ve gone had that tragedy not occurred.