WWE: 20 Worst Superstar Names Ever Given

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4. The Yeti

Although this character was in WCW and not WWE, it does deserve special mention simply for the absurdity of it.

The Yeti (pronounced ‘Ye-TAY’) was a monster character that became infamous for his attack on Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc 1995. The Yeti came down to the ring dressed in what looked like soiled bandages and resembled a mummy. Yet the commentators insisted his name was the Ye-TAY over and over again.

So this Ye-TAY came down to the ring and proceeded to wrap his soiled-toilet-paper-covered arms over Hogan and engage in the most awkward-looking bear hug ever seen.

Somehow, this monstrously-tall man dressed like a mummy but named after an entirely different monster didn’t really intimidate the audience that much, especially since he was dressed like a ninja in his next appearance.

This famous segment has since made its way onto various mockeries and bloopers shows devoted to wrestling, including both WWE’s ‘Are You Serious’ and Botchamania.