WWE: 20 Worst Superstar Names Ever Given

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2. Beaver Cleavage

1999 was one of the most profitable years in WWE history, but this gimmick and name were not reasons for that. Beaver Cleavage was basically an interpretation of an old 50s sitcom only with uncomfortable innuendos sprinkled in throughout.

Beaver Cleavage would make numerous suggestive comments at Mrs. Cleavage, who was as voluptuous as they came. Even the character’s own name was based on two words sometimes used to describe a women’s crotch and her chest, respectively.

Jim Cornette once famously went off on the person behind the gimmick, Vince Russo. Cornette admonished Russo for coming up with something that truly appealed to the lowest common denominator and only managed to fly under the radar because everything else around it was so much better and took all the attention away from it.

But even when the segments for this nonsense did air, the reaction was overwhelmingly negative. Even during the Attitude Era, when the show was far less about traditional wrestling, there was enough in-ring drama that interested fans enough to keep the focus away from something like Beaver Cleavage.

This is one of those wrestling gimmicks that absolutely must stay in the past, no matter how much some fans might hope for a return to Attitude Era-style characters and storylines.