WWE: 20 Worst Superstar Names Ever Given

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19. Kelly Kelly

At first glance, the most logical explanation for this wrestling name is that it’s some kind of inside joke. After all, why else would you give someone a ring name where their first and last names are both the same?

Even Microsoft Word’s grammar tools and spellcheck tells you it’s incorrect, for crying out loud.

Kelly was the epitome of ‘Divas’ presentation, being more ‘eye-candy’ than wrestler. Her in-ring work did approve over the years, but she did little to improve the image of women’s wrestling. That’s because it must’ve been hard to take someone with a joke name like that seriously.

Kelly returned to WWE recently in a backstage segment, and now serves WWE as an ambassador. This means that she makes non-wrestling appearances to promote the WWE brand wherever possible.

This might prove to be a challenge for her, as her ring name and overall presentation during her actual wrestling career didn’t cast her or her employer in the most positive light. This was especially true when she debuted as an exhibitionist, which, surprisingly, didn’t set the world on fire with the then-revived ECW brand.