WWE: 20 Worst Superstar Names Ever Given

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17. Rosey

The former member of 3-Minute Warning had a bad name from the very beginning. ‘Rosey’ doesn’t sound like a masculine name, and it definitely doesn’t sound intimidating. How was someone with this sort of name supposed to get over with the audience?

It got worse when Rosey was paired with the Hurricane, however. As the superhero’s masked sidekick, Rosey was given a nickname to go with his new position. He was nicknamed ‘Super Hero In Training’, with the word ‘Superhero’ spelled as two words for an obvious reason.

Take the first letter of each of those words and you get the word that described what WWE thought of this whole gimmick. It was meant as a joke nickname from the very beginning.

On the bright side, Rosey did win the World Tag Team Championships once, despite looking like and being named like a comedic jobber. They’d hold the titles until Unforgiven, when they lost them to Cade & Murdoch. After that, The Hurricane & Rosey split and Hurricane began to wrestle under his real name.

Meanwhile, Rosey remained off WWE programming for months as WWE wanted him to reunite with his cousin Jamal as 3-Minute Warning. That never happened, as Jamal was renamed Umaga and Rosey was released.