WWE: 20 Worst Superstar Names Ever Given

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14. Test

This is one of the most unusual one-word wrestling names ever approved for regular use. What did it mean? That every Test match was itself a test? That he was a jobber-to-the-stars and had to test the main-eventers to see if they were worthy of their top spots?

Or maybe he was the gatekeeper to the main-event, and anyone wanting to become a bigger star needed to test themselves against Test?

Whatever the meaning behind this name was, it must’ve been forgotten fairly quickly after it first got used. Test was an acceptable mid-carder but never reached the main event like many in WWE’s power structure wanted him to.

Maybe the reason for that was because he had a ring name that didn’t make any sense whatsoever.

That said, WWE did try and push Test to the moon, most likely due to his physique and strength. Alas, they botched their own push, as Test was relegated to the mid-card after only a few months of a main-event push.

Maybe Test should’ve simply been named Andrew Martin instead. After all, lots of top stars in WWE history became great by wrestling under their own names. Why couldn’t WWE do the same with Test?