WWE: 20 Worst Superstar Names Ever Given

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13. Saba Simba

‘Tony Atlas’ was a great wrestling name. Upon hearing it, one got the image of a strong man with a physique matching that of the legendary Greek god. It was a name that worked…which is far more than what can be said about the man’s subsequent ring name.

Saba Simba was a strange choice. Atlas chose to do this gimmick and adopt this name because he was having personal problems beforehand. Sadly, while the gimmick did help Atlas himself, it didn’t last long.

The name and gimmick were supposed to be based on a Ugandan warrior tribe, but were poorly-received. Even commentators voiced their disapproval of the gimmick when they said, ‘That’s not Saba Simba; that’s Tony Atlas’.

The commentators saw through the nonsense of this name and gimmick; too bad WWE’s creative team at the time didn’t. As a result, Saba Simba disappeared from WWE programming fairly soon afterward.

Maybe it was because the name and gimmick sucked; or maybe it was because there were accusations of racism regarding the gimmick, which would’ve only made things worse for WWE at that time.