WWE NXT Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 7

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Roderick Strong Promo

Strong came out to address the WWE NXT fans, one week after his tag team win. NXT Championship time?

Strong talked about his past year, his family at home and thanked everyone for accepting his backstory. The attention quickly turned to the NXT Championship, which he said he’ll be more inspired and driven to win the belt.

Of course, when you say “NXT Championship,” we say “Glorious,” because Bobby Roode made his way out. He came out with what looked like a piece of toilet paper, “crying.”

Roode mocked Strong for being proud, winning matches and the look of his family. He said title opportunities are earned, “stay in your lane” and how Roddy isn’t good enough to win.

Well, that’s one way of getting everyone toward the potential NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III main event. It’s going to be the Summer of Strong, leading to his moment at the Barclays Center. Let’s just see how we get there.

The other interesting piece will be Drew McIntyre, who said in April, he wants a chance at the NXT Championship. Is a Triple Threat match on the way?

Nikki Cross Backstage

Cross whispers Asuka and Ruby Riot’s names. She said “let’s play again” and starts smashing her jacket into the ground. Oh?