Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for June 8

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Impact Wrestling makes history by broadcasting in Mumbai, India.

Impact Wrestling presents the first American wrestling show to be broadcast from India.  It is a history making episode stacked with four title matches.  The crowd was rowdy and excited to see the talented Impact roster.  They reacted to every wrestler that entered the arena making this show feel that much even bigger.

The X-Division Championship was on the line in as Low Ki defends against Caleb Konley.  Konley hasn’t had many chances at the championship and everyone knows that this is a huge opportunity.  Low Ki has been a fighting champion since he won it a few months back.  Tonight, Low Ki tries to continue his reign in this special show in India against a hungry newcomer in Caleb Konley.

Rosemary has formed an alliance with Allie after the Decay was destroyed by LAX.  Rosemary battled her new comrade Allie’s rival, Laurel Van Ness.  It’s a battle of wrestlers who are not all there and there’s no way to tell who has the advantage.  Will Rosemary be able to continue her run that may lead to Sienna to unify both women’s championships?

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After retaining the GFW Global Championship and becoming the number one contender for the Impact World Championship at Slammiversary, Alberto El Patron is not done yet.  His spot is not guaranteed for Slammiversary as he defends his championship tonight.  El Patron defends against Chris Adonis and the winner could main event Slammiversary.

Lashley has a title defense of the Impact World Championship tonight against Moose.  One of the rivalries that all Impact Wrestling fans are looking forward too, we get a taste of it tonight.  It’s a champion versus champion affair on the first Impact Wrestling show in India.

Bruce Prichard calls both Josh Matthews and Jeremy Borash.  He states that if there is any physical contact between the two, they will both be fired.  This has been an oddly physical rivalry so this is not surprising.