Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for June 8

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Alberto El Patron Addresses India

Alberto El Patron gets the crowd hyped in India by claiming that he is ready to fight.  He sets his goal to become the Undisputed Impact Wrestling Championship, confirming the unification of both titles at Slammiversary.  Lashley comes to the ring with a vengeance because Alberto El Patron mentioned his name.  The Impact World Champion claims that he can beat El Patron down anywhere.  Lashley states that he doesn’t care about Alberto El Patron’s prestige and he will be the Undisputed Impact Wrestling Champion.

Bruce Prichard comes out and is excited that the champions are ready to fight.  He makes it clear that both championships will be defended later tonight.  Prichard will determine who is worthy of challenging these two champions.  The champions won’t know until their challengers walk down the ramp.

X-Division Championship Match
Low Ki (c) vs Caleb Konley

Result:  Ki def. Konley via pinfall

Konley turns up his aggression in this match to try and match the style of Low Ki.  He then turns up the tempo with a flurry of moves that keep Low Ki on his toes.  Low Ki fights back with stiff strikes and Konley uses the referee to gain some distance.  Konley busts Low Ki open with a suicide dive as blood runs down the face of Low Ki.  Low Ki puts Konley away with the Warriors Way on the apron.

After the match, Sonjay Dutt comes out to talk about his imminent return.  He speaks in Hindi for the crowd which made them excited.  Dutt talks about Low Ki’s eye injury and desires a title match.  Sonjay Dutt talks about how things how changed since the first time they faced.  He asked for a match next week and they have an epic staredown with blood still streaming down Low Ki’s face.

Love seeing Konley’s aggressive nature in this match to combat Low Ki.  Konley’s uses of the referee were clever and surprising from the Impact newcomer.  It provides a new wrinkle into his character but doesn’t truly establish him as a heel yet.