Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for June 8

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GFW Global Championship Match
Alberto El Patron (c) vs Chris Adonis

Result: El Patron def. Adonis via pinfall

Chris Adonis seizes his early opportunities to take control of the match early on.  Adonis has control and shows confidence in a huge match which may not be the best strategy with someone with the track record of Alberto El Patron.  It does give El Patron a chance to fight back but it is short lived with the numbers game on the outside.  Drake is warned and El Patron capitalizes.  El Patron finishes the match with his double foot stomp in the corner.  Alberto El Patron retains the GFW Global Championship in the main event.

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This was a huge chance for Chris Adonis to have a chance to main event at Slammiversary.  Alberto El Patron didn’t even get his shirt off the entire match which shows how much control Adonis had.  This match wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be mostly because of length.  It still shows that the Impact World Championship is the ultimate prize to own in Impact Wrestling.