3 Potential Feuds for John Cena’s WWE SmackDown Live Return

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3. Dolph Ziggler

John Cena and Dolph Ziggler are no strangers to one another as they have been both allies and enemies during their time in WWE. With Ziggler now as a heel again this could be a good feud to help Cena get adjusted into the ring again.

Dolph Ziggler is a fantastic worker, and he and Cena could put on a good short feud to kick start Cena’s return to WWE. Ziggler who is working to become the star he feels he always could try and use Cena as a kick start to resurrect his career.

The storyline can be built around as something simple as Dolph Ziggler calling Cena out as a hypocrite. In the past, Cena has said that WWE is his home and that he would never leave the company.

However, as we have seen in the last two years, Cena has been flirting with Hollywood leaving WWE for periods of time to film movies and television. Some fans are begging to compare this move to what The Rock did from 2002-2004 before The Great One would leave for good not returning again until 2011.

Ziggler could go on and say for the last 10 years all he has done is WWE, while calling out Cena as a hypocrite and claiming he doesn’t belong here anymore. The two could partake in short program culminating at Battleground, this would be a great feud for both men and is a great way to get Cena ready for a Summerslam program.

As we have seen Dolph Ziggler seems to be the guy to help put over either new stars on returning stars. Dolph was the guy they used when Shinsuke Nakamura made his debut on the main roster at WWE Backlash.

Ziggler put on a great match with Nakamura and really helped to show how good a talent Nakamura is. They could now go down the same route to reintroduce the Franchise back to the WWE Universe.