3 Potential Feuds for John Cena’s WWE SmackDown Live Return

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2. Kevin Owens

It’s safe to say that John Cena is the most patriotic superstar the company has had since Hulk Hogan was Mr. Americana in the 1980’s. With the Franchise returning on America’s Birthday it makes perfect sense for him to clash with the New Face of America, Kevin Owens.

Owens and Cena have quite the past as Cena faced Owens in his first match on the main roster at Elimination Chamber 2015. In what was considered a shock Owens defeated Cena cleanly in the match and the two would engage in a three-month feud.

The two would battle over The United States Champion, which Cena was at the time. Despite coming close multiple times, Owens was unable to claim The United States Championship from the franchise.

The two parted after the feud and when the draft took place last year, Cena ended up on Smackdown Live, while Kevin Owens headed to RAW. With the two now on the blue brand, it might be the perfect time to for these two to meet again.

Cena could take issue of Kevin Owens mocking his home country of America and trashing a championship that the former has very close ties to. Owens and Cena have always had great matches and the two have fantastic chemistry with one another.

The two could meet on the 4th July and the two could continue on with a feud throughout the Summer. The feud gives Cena a top guy to work with and helps elevate The United States Championship to be on par with the WWE Championship.

The New Face of America vs WWE’s biggest Patriot has instant credibility before the two even step in the ring with one another.