WWE Rumors: Original Plans for Lana’s SmackDown Gimmick Revealed


This week on WWE SmackDown Live, Lana made her debut and immediately inserted herself in the Women’s Championship picture. Interestingly, there are ulterior motives from the company of why her push is so sudden.

Initially, Lana made her comeback during the segment where Shane McMahon was introducing the competitors for the Women’s Money in the Bank match. Although she was denied an opportunity, she got into a verbal exchange with SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Naomi. Lana returned to cost Naomi her match, which set up the title match at Money in the Bank after it was demanded from Naomi.

Of course, a significant level of criticism arose due to Lana’s very limited skills in the ring, and not enough experience under her belt. Moreover, she gets to be placed in a position that five other competitors – who are competing the same night to become No. 1 contender – are much more worthy of it.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is a reason behind this sudden push to the Women’s Championship match for Lana. Apparently, Lana is being inserted into the position that Eva Marie was supposed to be in before rumors of her not returning to the company became more concrete. Although Eva Marie received the same level of criticism for being very inexperienced in the ring, WWE was engulfed so much into the character that they were willing to give Eva the proverbial “on-the-job training.” It looks like the same will apply for Lana.

The Newsletter also reported that, although she is supposed to work as a heel, this may be quickly changed. Primarily, due to the unexpected reaction she received on SmackDown Live in Rochester, New York.

Another reason can stem from the angle that she is presenting her character. While fans are supposed to be booing her, her social media and appearance on Talking Smack shows more of an underdog who is there to defy the odds and hush the haters.

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With examples of fans usually getting behind these kinds of characters, especially Daniel Bryan, WWE may want to rethink their approach. Especially, if they want to keep her a heel.