5 Worst WWE Money in the Bank Winners of All Time

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It’s almost always exciting to see Superstars hold and cash in their Money in the Bank briefcases, unless it’s one of these Superstars that won the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Ever since WrestleMania 21, the Money in the Bank briefcase has been one of the most intriguing parts of WWE programming.

It allows for more unpredictability because no one ever knows when the victor is going to cash in, and it allows for a new interesting layer of psychology that can be added due to teases of cashing in the briefcase.

Some Superstars have cashed it in right away, and others have waited almost a year. Some won their matches within seconds, and some have failed to capture the gold on their cash-ins (if they were even able to cash in at all).

Money in the Bank winners have provided some of the most memorable World Championship wins of the 21st century in the WWE. Who could forget Edge’s very first WWE Championship reign when he cashed in for the first time on a battered John Cena?

Other memorable winners include Dolph Ziggler, who captured the gold the RAW after WrestleMania, and Seth Rollins, who cashed in during the main event of WrestleMania to steal the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The Money in the Bank briefcase has managed to catapult midcarders to the main event scene in dramatic fashion and help revitalize the careers of main eventers stuck in a slump. However, this just hasn’t been the case for everyone.

Here are the 5 worst and least memorable WWE Money in the Bank winners of all time.