5 Worst WWE Money in the Bank Winners of All Time

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Credit: WWE.com

5. Sheamus

Not many were expecting to walk away with the Money in the Bank briefcase back in 2015. He had returned from injury with his new “You look stupid” look as a heel and was feuding with midcarders. This included Sheamus’ participation in an Elimination Chamber match for the Intercontinental Championship.

Then, out of nowhere, Sheamus was your Mr. Money in the Bank. With seemingly no direction afterward, Sheamus participated in a somewhat lengthy and lackluster feud with Randy Orton, and the 50/50 booking helped neither Superstar.

Then, Sheamus cashed in his contract and beat Roman Reigns for the WWE World Championship after Reigns finally captured the prize at Survivor Series against Dean Ambrose. The main plan was for Reigns to be The Guy of WWE, but he was so rejected as a top face by the crowd that WWE needed a backup plan.

That backup plan’s name was Sheamus. He won and aligned himself with The Authority. He was nothing more than a pawn in the Reigns vs. Authority feud, which resulted in a short 22-day reign for Sheamus.

Rather than the Money in the Bank briefcase being used to catapult Sheamus’s new heel turn to a steady main event run, it was used to save Roman Reigns from the backlash of the WWE Universe to his WWE World Championship win.

This resulted in a messy and poor run with the League of Nations for Sheamus, who did not find his groove back in the WWE until teaming with his current partner, Cesaro.

Sheamus, as Mr. Money in the Bank, did nothing to elevate his career even though he successfully cashed in and won the championship. So, I would not be surprised if you already forgot that he was once a Money in the Bank winner even though it was only two years ago.