5 Worst WWE Money in the Bank Winners of All Time

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1. Mr. Kennedy

It should come as no surprise that the worst Money in the Bank winner ended up being released by the WWE.

At the time, Mr. Kennedy was set for a huge push in the WWE. Kennedy was getting over with the crowd as an arrogant heel, and Vince McMahon was personally impressed with his performance in the company thus far.

So, Mr. Kennedy was rewarded for his efforts by getting chosen to win the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 23. However, Mr. Kennedy lost his briefcase a month after he won it.

Kennedy received an injury, and it was believed that he was going to be out for at least 5 months. So, WWE decided to move the briefcase over to the Ultimate Opportunist, Edge. Edge defeated Kennedy for the briefcase, and Kennedy would begin rehabbing his serious injury.

The only problem was that Kennedy’s injury turned out to be not as serious as initially suspected. Kennedy was back in action after a month. So, in conclusion, Kennedy lost the briefcase due to an injury that he didn’t sustain.

Kennedy’s career never recovered after he had to forfeit the briefcase due to injuries, suspensions, and alleged poor reports from Randy Orton to Mr. McMahon.

One can only wonder what could have been if Kennedy had not had to forfeit his briefcase, but being the only person to lose his briefcase after just one month of holding it is enough to put Mr. Kennedy at the top of this list.

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The worst Money in the Bank winner is MIISSTTEEEEEEERR KENNEDY…….(Kennedy)!