WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Baron Corbin is Ideal Choice for Briefcase


Analyzing why Baron Corbin should win the briefcase at the 2017 Money In The Bank pay per view.

As we all know, winning the Money In The Bank briefcase, for most superstars at least, is a career changer.  Not only does the win basically guarantee a world title (14 of the 17 winners have gone on to successfully cash-in) but it proves to the WWE Universe that a superstar is prepared to do whatever it takes to climb the mountain, which always seems to garner a modicum of respect from fans.  The majority of MITB matches have been barn-burners and when the eventual winner finally unhooks that case for the win, he’s clearly earned it by gutting through one one of the most violent match gimmicks in the WWE today, thus becoming worthy of a world title reign.  This year, the man that not only should win the case, but needs it more than his opponents, is Baron Corbin.

But before getting to why Corbin should win the Money In The Bank briefcase, let’s take a look at why his opponents don’t need it they way he does.  First off, there’s Kevin Owens.  The current United States Champion and top heel on Smackdown Live, “KO” has already been to mountain-top before in the form of 188-day reign as Universal Champion between 2016-2017.  And considering that of the 13 successful cash-in winners of the case, 10 of which used the case to win their very first world title, it could make one think that the odds of “The Prize Fighter” winning on June 18th are very small.

Then there’s A.J. Styles.  Sorry, but a guy who’s arguably the best wrestler in the world doesn’t need the briefcase to become world champion.  “The Phenomenal One” holds the distinction of being only the second person in history to hold world championships in the WWE, TNA, and New Japan Pro Wrestling.  He doesn’t need a competitive advantage.  And neither does another challenger for the case, Shinsuke Nakamura.  Since entering the WWE in April of 2016, “The King of Strong Style” has taken the company by storm, compiling a win/loss record of 139 and 6 (cagematch.net) and winning 2 NXT Championships along the way.  He’s has a WWE world title written all over in the very near future but certainly appears to be the type of competitor to win straight up.

And what about Dolph Ziggler?  “The Show-Off” is a former MITB winner and 2-time world champion and although it’s not out of the realm of possibility of a second win for Dolph, the way he’s been booked for a very long time makes it very hard to believe that he has any chance of winning.  Plus, since he’s been buried so many times, he’s lost most of any heat or popularity that he used to have.  Now is not the time for Ziggler.

Then there’s one other guy that actually could really use the case and could make a really fun time out of it.  Sami Zayn.  The perpetual underdog and widely popular Zayn, physically might need the case the most.  He seems to always be fighting at a disadvantage and the briefcase might be the one thing he needs to get over the hump.  But at the same time, he’s a loveable and engaging guy.  A guy that people could really get behind in pursuit of a world title.  Zayn’s path shouldn’t be via MITB cash-in.  It’s very easy to see a program in which Zayn scratches and claws his way into a title shot, but much like the way Daniel Bryan did, and finally, after multiple shots, gets the job done.  That’s the type of story that could carry the blue brand for a long time.

So the person we have left is Baron Corbin.  “The Lone Wolf” not only has not won a world title in the WWE, he’s never even held a belt.  But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been successful.  After capturing the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy on his first main roster television exposure at Wrestlemania 32, Corbin has been one of the most consistently dominant heels in the company.  His programs with Kalisto, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler has seen Corbin come out on top and outside of his loss to Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania 33, Corbin has been impressive.

Long seen as a potential world champion, Corbin would have a clear path to achieving just that by winning the case at the MITB pay per view.  And let’s be honest, a heel carrying the briefcase always seems to have a better feel to it.  Being that the best time for a cash-in is when the current champion is in a vulnerable spot, a baby face taking advantage of that seems a bit counter-productive.  But for a guy like Corbin who’s never won a championship and is a guy who portrays himself like a borderline sociopath, he’d have no problem laying waste to a prone champion.

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Corbin should be the guy, no doubt about it.  He fits the mold of a briefcase winner perfectly.  He has the viciousness of past winners like Randy Orton and Kane.  He’s an opportunist much like Seth Rollins, Edge, and CM Punk.  And he’s about as hungry as any guy on the roster.   And for a guy who normally lets his actions do the talking, it won’t take long for a cash-in.  Not only should Corbin win the case at Money In The Bank, I believe that’s exactly what will happen.  Corbin walks out of St. Louis with a shiny, new case.  Book it.