WWE: Lana Prepares for SmackDown In-Ring Debut at Money in the Bank


The time is nearing for Lana to make her SmackDown in-ring debut.

So, Lana wants to be a wrestler? That’s all well and good and if that is her dream, then by all means, make it happen but, is it logical for her to swoop in and snatch up a title shot at Money in the Bank without ever having a televised match, on any brand?

Lana has gone back down to Florida in her time off the television and while Rusev has been injured. The time there hasn’t been all sunshine and swimsuits though. She has taken on the challenge of training, wrestling, and improving her in ring skills. Admirable of her to realize that she needs in ring improvement and is taking the steps to make it happen.

She has been putting in her time at the Performance Center as well as with NXT. She’s been working on house shows with the NXT brand and from what I have heard is doing very well with those shows. It would seem that she is doing quite well considering the Smackdown brand is bringing her up as in ring talent, and no longer Rusev’s manager. The one thing that I wonder is what’s held her debut up. She was set to debut in Atlanta, but as we saw, that didn’t happen even though she was in fact there. Maybe they weren’t entirely sure on what angle she would be in.

Now we know just where she will fit in and what role she will play is. Even without ever stepping into the ring as a wrestler, Lana will be at Money in the Bank, and she will be in the ring with Naomi, with the women’s championship title on the line. This has many people angry and upset, and it’s no wonder why. Lana has in no way proven that she deserves a title shot.

Some have said she deserves a shot because in NXT she did well. Well, in NXT, Sami Zayn was a champion and look at him. NXT is great for NXT, but main roster opportunities have nothing to do with what a person did or didn’t do in developmental

The argument that if Lana didn’t face Naomi for the title then Naomi wouldn’t have a match at the show at all has been hear too. However, this a horribly weak argument for Lana getting a title shot. There have been many pay-per-views throughout history that saw many titles not be defended, so that wouldn’t be anything new. No one is saying that Lana shouldn’t fight Naomi at Money in the Bank though, only that it shouldn’t be a title shot, so let them fight, just don’t put the title up.

Unless Lana shows up and puts on an epic clinic of wrestling skill and ability, her winning against someone of Naomi’s talent is just illogical on every level. If that is how WWE should choose to go with things, it certainly plays out with her dropping the newly won title at the end of the night. That would mean that the ladies Money in the Bank match would have to come before the title match so that there is a clear winner to cash in on Lana. While this would be the best solution to a Lana win, for me, it will still be a down point for whoever is cashing in, unless of course Lana truly brings something to the ring that shocks us all.

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It will indeed be interesting to see how Smackdown Live books and uses Lana. We know that she was brought back in with the heavy Russian accent, which I for one had hoped would be dropped since we have seen her on Total Divas using her actual voice. Will we see her in action on Smackdown Live next week or do we have to wait until Money in the Bank? So many questions and the answers seem to all be wait and see.