WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Who Needs Women’s Briefcase the Most?

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4. Becky Lynch

With this being the first women’s Money in the Bank match, it has to hit big.  It’s not a bad idea for Lynch to go over, but who could she cash it in on?  Her versus Naomi doesn’t make sense right now.  One of them would have to go heel.  It’s not happening for either one anytime soon.

Lynch is a future Money in the Bank winner no doubt.  It’s just not this year looking at the current storylines.  WWE is known to throw some curveballs to which Lynch’s possession of the briefcase would be one of them.  With that being said, many things can happen in a year’s time.  Just because the briefcase is won in June doesn’t mean it can be cashed in July.  It could be after WrestleMania if the winner wants to hold it that long  If Lynch wins, then she will have to bide her time with the briefcase.