WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Who Needs Women’s Briefcase the Most?

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2. Charlotte Flair

There is no doubt that Flair has a huge chance of winning the briefcase.  Flair already has the experience of history making matches and will use that to her advantage.  She is not scared to take extreme risks, and will put her body on the line en route to the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

It would be no surprise if Flair is playing both sides in terms of being a face and a heel.  In her case, there is the saying like father like daughter.  With a tremendous sense of pressure to uphold the Flair legacy, she wouldn’t think twice to double cross Lynch if it meant a shot of glory that is the Championship.  Flair has been shown to be cold and calculating, which is what Money in the Bank can be about.

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Flair may have had a little detour in efforts to compete for the Women’s Championship thanks to the Welcoming Committee.  However, winning the Money in the Bank briefcase will put her back on track to becoming one of the greatest Women Superstars in the new era.  If you gotta do it, do it with Flair.  That is her plan regardless of her situation on Smackdown.