4 Predictions for WWE Raw: June 12, 2017

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The Beast Confronts the Samoan Destroyer

Over the years, it’s become pretty clear that Paul Heyman is under the protection of Brock Lesnar. It’s very rare for anyone to mess with the Beast’s advocate, because if he was harmed, Lesnar wouldn’t rest until a mound of casualties laid before him. So, when a superstar does decide to cross that line, people know it’s a very big deal.

Last week, Samoa Joe broke the eleventh commandment (“thou shall not intentionally provoke the Beast”) when he assaulted Heyman. Instructing Heyman to relay the damage he suffered to Lesnar, Joe left him unconscious on the canvas. When he eventually recovered and made his way to the trainer’s room, Heyman did just that. As a result, the Universal Champion is set to make an appearance here tonight. He won’t be looking to talk about what transpired, he’ll be looking for revenge.

At Great Balls of Fire, Joe and Lesnar will compete for the Universal Championship. This marks the first title defense for the Beast Incarnate since winning the belt at WrestleMania. On Joe’s end, it’s the only world championship match he’s had since joining the main roster. So, the stakes entering this contest are rather high. Both men need to look strong before and after the exchange, otherwise they might not be taken seriously in the future.

Considered by many to be a dream match in the industry, these two have the opportunity to deliver a memorable encounter. Their match is going to be the ultimate battle of power versus power, and it’ll feature two badass competitors beating each other to a pulp. Before the historic event, these two will meet one another, with tonight’s Raw likely marking the occasion of their first official brawl.