4 Predictions for WWE Raw: June 12, 2017

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Nia Jax Runs Rampant

When Nia Jax was announced as the new number one contender, things appeared bleak for Alexa Bliss. The current Raw Women’s Champion has impressive thus far, but she isn’t known for having an imposing physique. As one of the smaller champions in recent memory, Bliss has made use of heel tactics to accomplish her goals. One of those tactics is manipulation, and she put that to the test last week.

Booked to defend her title against Jax during the last episode of Raw, Bliss was absolutely destroyed during their match. She tried to get back into the contest, yet Jax was simply to strong and durable. Right when it seemed as though she was destined to lose, Bliss decided to make one final attempt to leave the arena as champion.

Choosing to observe the match, Dana Brooke and Mickie James had stood silently at ringside. Earlier that night, Bliss had tried to form an alliance with the two but failed. So, Brooke and James were eager to see the champion lose such an important match. However, things turned south when Bliss decided to attack them. They retaliated of course, which allowed the heel to emerge victorious due to a disqualification.

Incensed at what had transpired, Jax demolished Brooke and James as Bliss watched on. All signs point to a rematch down the road, but the monstrous woman has another obstacle in her way now. Tonight, Brooke and James are going to want payback for what happened. Odds are a handicap match will be scheduled, pitting the duo against Jax. Despite the odds, expect Jax to plow through her opponents and keep her sights set on Bliss and the title.