WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Would Dolph Ziggler Winning Make Sense?


Dolph Ziggler is WWE’s hidden gem in this year’s Money in the Bank matchup.

Call him a dark horse, but there are still piques of interest when the name, Dolph Ziggler comes up in a conversation.  Fans know all too well of Ziggler’s work in the ring and passionately debate that he deserves so much more in the company.  Ziggler is the man the company depends on to put on great matches with talent because they know that he always puts on a five-star performance.  This year’s Money in the Bank match is no exception.

Each man involved in this match has a great chance of leaving St. Louis with the coveted briefcase.  Ziggler’s already gotten the experience the Money in the Bank match is known for, not to mention that he is a former briefcase holder.  Considering all the Superstars that are in the match ranging from AJ Styles to Shinsuke Nakamura, it’s a sure bet that Ziggler would be one of the last men fans may think of to win the briefcase.  However, Smackdown is the land of opportunity and that is just what Ziggler is looking for.

So absolutely it would make sense if Ziggler would win at Money in the Bank.  Ziggler would have a huge advantage if he were to win next Sunday.  Keep in mind that the briefcase holder has up to a year to cash in his contract.  Regardless of whom the Champion is at the time of the cash in, who is to say that Ziggler’s persona will change?  Would it matter?  If anyone remembers, Ziggler knows how to bide his time with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Back in 2012, Ziggler won the Money in the Bank match followed with waiting until the night after WrestleMania 29 to cash in the contract against Alberto Del Rio on Raw.  It was a classic moment that cemented Ziggler’s place in the history books.  Despite just finishing a match, Del Rio and Ziggler would keep fans on the edge of their seats for a short period of time before Ziggler’s cash in was a success.

CM Punk and Edge have won the Money in the Bank briefcase twice – Ziggler could very well be added to this list.  Again, Ziggler’s body of work and reputation in the ring speaks for itself plus his win helps Smackdown stay above Raw in terms of thinking outside the box.  It’s the opportunity Ziggler needs if he can find a way to keep the briefcase from the other participants next Sunday.  Winning Money in the Bank also fulfills his change of heart as a heel.  If he were to win and successfully cash in, his run as a heel would come in full circle.

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Once more, Ziggler’s chances of winning the Money in the Bank briefcase aren’t easy given the participants.  He has the experience and advantage but would it be enough?  Next Sunday, we will all know for sure.