5 Reasons Jinder Mahal Should Remain WWE Champion Until SummerSlam

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5. Something Different

Honestly, one of the biggest reasons to keep the title on Jinder for a while is that it feels fresh. When was the last time something really different happened in WWE? It’s been a while, so this Mahal championship reign feels like a breath of fresh air.

The sheer unexpectedness of it all makes the phrase “WWE Champion Jinder Mahal” such a joy to say. Back in the pre-Attitude Era days, WWE had an advertising campaign based on the fact that “Anything Can Happen.” But more often than not, “anything” was the same old same old, and shocking moments were few and far between.

Now, however, WWE has made good on that long ago marketing, giving us the first WWE Champion who spent a portion of his career in a comedy rock band stable. I mean, the current WWE Champion has suffered a pinfall loss to a little person in a bull costume.

With hard and fast battle lines being drawn between different sides of the wrestling universe – those who want to hinder Jinder, and those who want more of Mahal – WWE would be foolish to pull the plug now. Keep the title on him to really fan the flames of the fans, who are stunned by what they’ve seen. Build up enough interest so people tune in to see what’s going to happen next with Mahal.