5 Options for Roman Reigns’ WWE SummerSlam Announcement

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4. He’s Not Finished with Braun Strowman

One of WWE’s top feuds of 2017 has been Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman. This began at the Royal Rumble, with Strowman costing Reigns his Universal Championship match. Things continued bouts at Fastlane and Payback, and multiple hard-hitting brawls, including the Monster Among Men tipping over an ambulance with the former Shield man in it.

Strowman is currently off TV with an elbow injury, but what if Reigns forgoes this and calls him out for another match at SummerSlam. They’re not finished, based on their fight at the United Kingdom taping from earlier this spring, and could go to a third and final pay-per-view match at SummerSlam.

However, there’s an issue with this happening: the timetable WWE gave for Strowman’s injury. They said he’ll be out for “up to six months,” which potentially sets up a surprise return to TV. Reigns — in storyline — is the one who injured Strowman, so why would he call for him to return? It would likely take the latter surprising the Big Dog and attacking him on an episode of Raw — maybe next week’s show.

Strowman vs. Reigns will probably happen again, but not at SummerSlam. It’s an option, though.