WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Ranking All Previous Cash-ins

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Credit: WWE.com

8. The Miz

A lot of people may disagree with The Miz being this high on this list because they did not like The Miz becoming WWE Champion, but that just proves The Miz was just doing his job as a heel.

Nowadays, the crowd will cheer for a cash in whether it’s a face or a heel holding the Money in the Bank briefcase due to the excitement of the situation, but there were just boos for The Miz when he cashed in against Randy Orton and won the WWE Championship.

On an episode of RAW, Randy Orton was attacked by Nexus. He then had to endure a WWE Championship match with Wade Barrett that he barely won due to the interference of John Cena. Then, The Miz decided to capitalize.

The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on an injured Randy Orton and it made for an exciting back and forth match. Randy Orton even gained control of the match up one point.

However, after a couple of countered finishers, The Miz finally hit the Skull Crushing Finale and won the WWE Championship.

To say the crowd was unhappy is an understatement. Some pans to the crowd and the famous “Miz Girl” who was pouting with the rest of the fans showed the disbelief and anger towards The Miz being WWE Champion.

I, for one, thought The Miz winning the WWE Championship was…….AWESOME.