WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Ranking All Previous Cash-ins

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7. CM Punk (on Jeff Hardy)

If we are going to talk about cash-ins that made fans upset, we have to bring up CM Punk’s cash in against Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Unlike CM Punk’s last entry on this list, he was a heel looking for an opportune time to cash in on a weak champion. That champion just so happened to be everyone’s favorite Superstar, Jeff Hardy.

After Hardy endured a grueling ladder match with Edge, many thought Jeff would have his moment in the spotlight to celebrate with title. That was until CM Punk made sure Jeff did not need to celebrate.

Punk ran into the ring and cashed in his Money in the Bank and immediately hit Jeff with a GTS. To the surprise of everyone, Jeff Hardy managed to kick out. However, that is as good as it was going to be for Jeff Hardy.

Punk went on to connect with another GTS and became the new World Heavyweight Champion. This just showed how Punk could thrive in the spotlight as one of WWE’s best heels.

His feud with Jeff Hardy that stemmed from this cash on was one of his best and helped him to break out into the main event scene. It’s possible that Punk would still be atop the promotion if he decided to stick with the WWE.