WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Ranking All Previous Cash-ins

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Credit: WWE.com

5. Randy Orton

The most devious and heartbreaking cash in has to belong to Randy Orton because he tore out the hearts of millions when he cashed in on Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Daniel Bryan finally did the unthinkable and climbed the mountain and grabbed the brass rings and defied the odds and beat John Cena and became WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

That all lasted for only a few minutes. The cruel double heel turn by Triple H and Randy Orton pinpointed Daniel Bryan as their victim. Triple H pedigreed Daniel Bryan after the match, and Randy Orton slithered in like the snake he is to take advantage. He pinned Daniel Bryan and became the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

This cash in was so important because it played a role in two crucial developments in the WWE. It marked the beginning of The Authority that went on to be the main antagonist for a couple years in the WWE, and it was a pivotal moment that sparked the “Yes Movement”.

At the time, it was a heartbreaking moment to watch as the everyday hero we all rooted for fell to the WWE system, but in the long run, Daniel Bryan’s hard work and overwhelming determination and support paid off when he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30.