WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Ranking All Previous Cash-ins

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Credit: WWE.com

17. Damien Sandow

It should come as no surprise that the one man to ever lose from cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase is at the bottom of the list. It should also come as no surprise that this man ended up being released by WWE.

Damien Sandow once had a bright future ahead of him in the company. He had a heel gimmick that was over, a fresh turn on his former partner, and the newly won Money in the Bank briefcase. What was supposed to be the beginning of his big break ended up being the beginning of the end.

Sandow lost countless feuds and matches after he won the Money in the Bank ladder match, but he felt he could take on John Cena after brutally destroying his once injured arm. However, unsurprisingly, Super Cena managed to squash yet another rising talent full of potential.

After a hotly contested bout between the two that showed Sandow could hang with the main eventers, Cena stole Sandow’s spotlight and triumphantly beat Sandow with one arm.

Sandow never recovered, and for a match that even received “This is awesome!” chants, the ending was anything but that.

A disappointing end for a Superstar who had a disappointing run with the briefcase is the cause for Damien Sandow’s disappointing placement at the bottom of this list.