WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Ranking All Previous Cash-ins

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Credit: WWE.com

15. Jack Swagger

When you cash in your Money in the Bank briefcase on the RAW after WrestleMania, the crowd can be electric, and an unforgettable moment and memory can be made. However, when it’s on the SmackDown after WrestleMania, the same can not be said.

After Edge and Jericho finished up their WrestleMania feud, Jericho was the one to walk away still holding the gold, but he did not walk away unscathed.

Jericho had injured his ribs at WrestleMania, and Edge did more damage on SmackDown by hitting him with a spear.

With Jericho vulnerable, Swagger ran out, took out Edge, cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase, hit Jericho with a gut wrench powerbomb, and pinned Jericho to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

It was an all around pretty awkward situation. After the initial excitement of Jack Swagger running out died down, we patiently waited for a ref to take his time and get to the ring to start the match.

Then, the heel beat the heel for the World Heavyweight Championship, and the crowd was not sure how to respond. There were some cheers and some boos, but there was mainly a lot of silence.

This poor cash in was just the beginning of a very poor and forgettable reign as champion for Jack Swagger.