WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 12

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Here Comes The Pain

Oh, so that’s what the Universal Championship looks like.

Yes, Brock is back for the first time since WrestleMania season. And it’s basically every Brock Lesnar appearance from the past five years. Huge pop, Brock enters ring, Paul Heyman talks, Brock jumps up and down and smirks, everyone leaves. The only difference is the hunk of hardware on Lesnar’s shoulder.

Well, there’s also Heyman toeing the line of questionable racism as he discussing the history of Samoans in professional wrestling. Somewhere in there, though, Heyman did a pretty good job of putting Joe over.

And then the thing we don’t see Brock do on Raw very often happened – things get physical. Folks, if you weren’t down for a Joe-Brock HOSS FIGHT, I can’t help you anymore. This should have sealed the deal. It’s gonna be goooooooood.

My one concern – and it may be a minor one – is that we’re peaking with this too early. Everyone is quick to point out that we’re four weeks away from Great Balls of Fire (ugh). If the first two encounters between challenger and the champ’s camp are 1) destroy the manager and 2) pull apart brawl with the “entire” locker room helping out, where do we go from here? Unless Joe is going to flip an ambulance or something next week, I don’t see how you top this.

But the big thing is that there’s hype around the match. Funny how putting the champion on your programming can do wonders with getting people excited.