WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 12

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Alexa Bliss > All

Every so often, I get someone asking me why I seem to put Alexa Bliss on a pedestal. Week in and week out, I point out that Bliss is head and shoulders above every other woman on Raw. Talking, in-ring talent – she’s the total package. But some don’t agree with me – that’s fine, anyone can like hat they like, no one’s forcing you.

But I would be hard-pressed to find someone who can watch this segment and not think Alexa Bliss is the GOAT. Emma comes close in the promo game, but it’s still no contest in my book.

So Alexa is trying to use her gift of gab to talk her way out of trouble. She does a fairly good job of it, managing to keep Nia from annihilating her. The interruption from Mickie James and Dana Brooke toes the line of political correctness (pretty sure “dwarf,” though medically acceptable, is a no-no, Mickie) before Emma tries to save us.

By the time Sasha Banks comes out, the forthcoming trios match is slapping everyone in the face worse than Sasha slapped Alexa unprovoked. It’s great to see Emma back, and challenging for the championship. But to immediately side her with Alexa Bliss in a tag match means we won’t get that singles match for some time.