John Cena Needs to Remain on WWE SmackDown Live Roster


With the recent announcement of him being a free agent, John Cena needs to remain a member of the Smackdown Live roster going forward.

The Franchise of WWE, John Cena has been absent from WWE since WrestleMania 33. At the big event Cena alongside his real-life girlfriend, Nikki Bella would defeat both The Miz and Maryse in a mixed tag match.

After the match, Cena would propose to Bella, and the two walked out of the arena together. Since then Cena has been absent from WWE. During his time away from the ring, Cena has been working on movies and on his reality TV show.

Last week though WWE, began showing vignettes advertising Cena to be returning to Smackdown Live on July 4. However, this past week on RAW the same vignette was shown, however it stated that Cena is now a free agent.

While it has not been talked about or explained on television yet the main belief is that Cena going forward will be allowed to compete on both RAW and Smackdown Live. This means he will not be exclusive to either brand, making him the only talent on the roster who can do this.

Despite the fact that fans can now enjoy Cena on both shows, WWE should reconsider this move and have The Franchise remain exclusive to Smackdown Live. With RAW being a three-hour show the brand already has more top talent than Smackdown Live.

With the likes of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe and others, RAW is already strongly stacked in the main event picture. Cena and his presence would be better suited working with the newer talent on Smackdown Live.

With so much going on with RAW, Cena would not be used to his top ability and with already a roster with top guys he would quickly become an afterthought. However, on Smackdown Live Cena would be able to really help new stars such as Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Heading into Summerslam a major program with either Mahal or Nakamura would really give fans something exciting to watch on Smackdown Live. If WWE wants to continue to build new stars on Tuesday nights, having a veteran like Cena work with them would be a smart move.

The main guys on RAW already well established at this point and it seems like Cena would be there solely to put over people like Reigns and Rollins. Another key reason to leave, Cena on Smackdown Live is that it gives the brand a special marquee attraction.

On Monday Night RAW, the brand has The Beast in Brock Lesnar who is a special attraction for the brand. Lesnar does not appear every week on RAW so when he shows up it gives the brand a special attraction.

Cena could do the same thing in regards to Smackdown Live. As we have seen over the last few years, he has been spending more time away from the WWE focusing on a film career. With Hollywood now in Cena’s plans, he will not be around most likely on a weekly basis going forward.

If Cena remains solely on Smackdown Live, it would give the brand a marquee attraction for fans to watch on The Blue Brand. When Cena returns it could be billed as a big deal and event, just like when Lesnar shows up on RAW.

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With Smackdown Live needing star power and a special attraction for fans to tune in, Cena should remain exclusively on this show, when he returns to WWE on July 4.