WWE: 10 must-have gifts for every superfan


WWE fans of all ages will be sure to love these 10 WWE-related items

Father’s Day is only a few days away and like many of us, you have no idea what to get your dad this year. Last year’s Margaritaville Blender broke after three days. The year before that, the indoor grill was sent to the dumpster after the family dog chewed on the electrical cord (RIP Scraps). This year, you can be the hero your dad has always been to you with a gift straight from the WWE Universe. It’s also never too early to start on your Christmas shopping list so you can skip the long lines at the mall and forget about Black Friday deals because you were smart enough to think ahead. However you decide to do it, the WWE fan in your life has undoubtedly been waiting for any of these 10 gifts to arrive on their doorstep.

10. For the Attitude Era Fan

“Proudly raising his middle fingers in the faces of everyone who dared oppose him, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was the blue-collar warrior for the common man.”

Your dad worked hard to put food on the table. He walked 10 miles in the snow – uphill both ways – just to make sure you could have your precious chicken nuggets. You might also have a blue collar buddy who enjoys life’s simple pleasures such as cold beer, jean shorts, and knee braces. Now is the time to show them both that those long hours are appreciated with the authentic t-shirt of the man who stood for everyone with rough, calloused hands. You can never go wrong with a classic.

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9. For the Fitness FANatic

“Mix, pour, store all in the same container”

Sometimes the simple and most practical gifts can be the most rewarding. We’re not getting any younger and the days of mercilessly scarfing down pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with zero consequences are long gone. The most common New Year’s resolution is losing weight, so why not help out the person in your life who is just now getting around to using that gym membership they purchased six months ago. Next to a quality pair of underwear, a reliable shaker bottle is a necessity for anyone looking to get healthy and the Ultimate Warrior is the embodiment of motivation. Help someone train like a Warrior.

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8. For the Astute Reader

“Get the history, facts, and stats on the Superstars, Divas, and Legends you love and the ones you love to hate!”

The WWE has a long and storied history, spanning from it’s withdrawal from the National Wrestling Alliance in the early 1980s to record-setting attendance levels at WrestleMania. This book is the ultimate gift for anyone who is a fan of not only the WWE, but the entire history surrounding sports entertainment. No matter who their favorite wrestler may be, they are sure to find a detailed profile of them inside. With over 400 color pages of information, this book makes a great conversation piece for your coffee table, assuming it wasn’t broken as part of last year’s TLC-themed house party.

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7. For the Old School Fan

“At one time, the trademark urn of The Undertaker was almost as legendary as the ominous Phenom himself.”

Sometimes the gift of a shirt or a hat just won’t do; you need something more timeless. Some gifts refuse to be ignored and their presence demands respect and attention. Such is the case with one of the most iconic objects in WWE history. During the Undertaker’s early run in the WWE, his manager Paul Bearer would use the urn as a resurrection tool, claiming it had supernatural powers. The Undertaker is widely considered the greatest professional wrestler of all time, due to his talents and leadership both in and out of the ring. The urn is also engraved with the names of the 21 opponents the Dead Man defeated during his winning streak at WrestleMania.

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6. For the Fan Who Likes to Drink Literally Anything

“15 oz. ceramic mug with glossy exterior and comfort grip.”

Do you enjoy coffee? What am I saying, you’re using the internet so of course you do. Like me, you may also enjoy a delicious hot tea or other beverage on occasion and few other inventions contain the liquid of your choice better than a trusty mug. Did you know that the first mugs crafted from pottery date back to 4000-5000 BCE and those made from wood are likely even older? Well you do now. If the mug was good enough for our tribal ancestors then it’s certainly good enough for any member of your family. This mug is adorned with The Rock’s motto “Just Bring It”, which stands right alongside the famous poster depicting a cat dangling from a tree branch with the words “Hang in There” in terms of motivation.

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5. For the Fan Who Appreciates the Finer Things

“The watch of a champion! This World Heavyweight Championship watch is truly the essential accessory for the WWE Universe!”

If you have watched a RAW or Smackdown in the last few years you have undoubtedly seen fans in the crowd sporting life-sized replica championship belts on their shoulders. The problem with these belts is that most of them are heavy and shoulders don’t like heavy things. Outside of a WWE arena, most people aren’t going to carry around a large belt with sparkling jewels embedded inside, but they can sport one on their wrist. This new item from WWE makes a great addition to any wardrobe because it can be worn whether you are dressing up or down.

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4. For the Grillmaster

“JR takes great pride in knowing all of the stats and inside info on WWE Superstars. JR gives fans a wealth of knowledge and passion when calling some of today’s most electrifying encounters. However announcing WWE RAW is not JR’s only passion.”

This is your chance to kill two birds with one stone. Then slather those birds with BBQ sauce and throw them on the grill for 5-7 minutes each side until golden. One of the best announcers in WWE history has been crafting his own signature BBQ-related products for years and now is the perfect time to grab a bottle as a gift for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. JR also sells a hot BBQ sauce, chipotle ketchup, mustard, all-purpose seasoning, and beef jerky. Get all of his products for only a few bucks each and create your own Grillmaster Gift Basket.

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3. For the Walking Dead/Wrestling Fan

“Join the Bálor Club with this official Finn Bálor Replica Jacket!”

The WWE’s Finn Balor and The Walking Dead’s Negan both know how to make an entrance. Balor defeats his opponents with high flying moves and astounding acrobatics. Negan uses “Lucille”, his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Whether you know someone who likes to visit Suplex City or Pee Pee Pants City this jacket is perfect for both. We may never see the official formation of the Balor Club in the WWE but this jacket will show everyone that you remember the good old days. Not only that, but the polyester and synthetic leather blend is light enough to be worn to any live WWE event but will also keep you cool during the nuclear winters after the zombie apocalypse.

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2. For the Good Cause

“Connor Mason Michalek is the inspiration for the fund, “Connor’s Cure”. Donations will provide funds for pediatric brain and spinal cancer research, and medical care for children and their families.”

This one hits you right in the feels. Connor was a young WWE superfan who at the age of 4 was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a rare tumor that affected his brain and spinal cord. He endured numerous surgeries, radiation, and years of chemotherapy treatments. Despite a grim prognosis from doctors, Connor remained optimistic and far outlived their expectations. He became a local celebrity to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and inside the WWE just before WrestleMania 30. Connor passed away in 2014 at the age of 8 and posthumously received the inaugural Warrior Award during the annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony in March 2015.

As a bonus, 100% of the net proceeds received via WWE.com for these bracelets will benefit Connor’s Cure. For each 5 packet purchased, the WWE will also donate 5 bracelets to a local children’s hospital. This is your chance to buy a gift that will make both you and the recipient feel good about your purchase.

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1. For the Million Dollar Fan

“Our re-designed WWE Million Dollar Replica Championship Title features improved length and easily removable links for quick size adjustments”

Coming in at number one on our list is the epitome of fan dedication and opulence. In 1989, Ted DiBiase (better known as the “Million Dollar Man”) created a belt for himself because he had been unable to successfully win the WWE Championship. The result was one of the most prestigious (although unsanctioned) belts in WWE history. The real belt was created by Betteridge Jewelers in Greenwich, Connecticut for a price of about $125,000 but you can own a pretty amazing replica for a fraction of that cost. This is the ultimate gift for the ultimate fan.

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